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Best known for his 13 years of DJing, Keith True has performed internationally to audiences as big as 2,500 people. Having held residencies in Leicester Square, Zante and Corfu he now focuses his time in London and the South East.


Radio and podcast presenter Keith True has featured on Smoke Radio, Vox Radio, Upfront FM as well as his own iTunes top 30 comedy podcast ‘Big & Clever’ alongside Danny Blaze.

Broadcast Producer

Produced and A.P.’d for Nick Ferrari & Shelagh Fogarty (LBC), Boris Johnson (State of London Debate) and John Gaunt (talk2me Radio). Keith True is also Executive Producer for the ‘Big & Clever’ podcast and ‘CK Project’ (Smoke Radio).

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New Starts, New You

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Part of my university degree is to write a blog, something that since September I have neglected to do. So, although a tad late, my New Years Resolution is to make sure I do it on a weekly basis. It will be very random and very mixed. Rants, observations, more rants, promotion of various projects

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Lets see how this works eh?

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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