New Starts, New You

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New Starts, New You

Part of my university degree is to write a blog, something that since September I have neglected to do. So, although a tad late, my New Years Resolution is to make sure I do it on a weekly basis. It will be very random and very mixed. Rants, observations, more rants, promotion of various projects and to be really random, irrelevant blogs I have to do as part of my said degree.

2014. A new year, a new start. Why do so many people use the start of a year as the point to wipe the slate? Stopping something bad for them, start doing something good? All they are doing is using the first day of the first month as their line in the sand.

But why wait for January 1st? The starting blocks can be placed anywhere you choose. I tend to use January as a slow, chilled out month, so my ‘New Me Regime’ will start February 1st. It’s a new month, just like January. If you see you need to make a change don’t just wait for a new year or month to launch. Monday is a new week, Midnight is a new day, and 12pm is a new hour.

Anything that is challenging will always need motivation. You will easily find a hundred reasons to put it off, but the easy route is the path most travelled. Even now, just over half way through January, many people are failing the promise they made themselves. This is not a reason to give up and “try again next year”. Acknowledge your stumble, pick yourself up and carry on. Re-draw your starting line and keep on going.

People will always settle for what they are worth. If you want more then only you can get yourself there. Excuses and obstacles will always get in your way, but your destination will always be where you stop pushing yourself.



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