The BIG & CLEVER podcast is a brand new satirical podcast brought to you by Danny Blaze & Keith True


The Big & Clever podcast is the brain child of Danny Blaze & Keith True. Hosted by the pair, the first podcast was recorded mid-December 2010 as a ‘pilot’ episode to see how it sounded & to see what sort of reception it would get.

Shortly after, it was published to iTunes and it’s all gone from there. By the end of January 2011, the podcast has appeared in the top 50 of the iTunes comedy chart, in the top 100 of the entire iTunes podcast chart & no 1 in the iTunes new & noteworthy chart. Not bad for 6 weeks work, 5 episodes, 3500+ downloads and the only advertising being via facebook, twitter & word of mouth.

Originally meeting back in 1998, the pair have remained friends and as such, have a unique relationship with banter flying around left, right & centre.

The Big & Clever podcast is generally an hour or two of chat between the two where they discuss current news, entertainment, memories & stories from the past. Plenty of laughter and comedy from the two.

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